The Final Details 2019

Okay, one week to go… too late to train now, just time to rest those legs and eat some carbs!

We sent out an e-mail to everyone last night with the final details, but some may have not received that for whatever reason, so you can view the final details here.

Few things to pull out…

Parking, we’ve got the usual arrangement of parking around the village, you can view a map of this here. Wherever possible we’d encourage you to take public transport or share cars to get here to reduce the impact on the village.

Plastic Cups. We introduced a no disposable plastic cups policy last year and we’re doing the same this year. Please bring your own plastic reusable cups in order to get a drink at the refreshment stations.

Pavilion. We’re undergoing some refurbishments, which means there’s going to be a lot of building materials about. Please take care in and around the building.

Kit. We’re not expecting the apocalyptic weather that we had last year, but we still expect people to come prepared for the time of year. Whatever the weather, we’ll not let people out on the course if we don’t think they are properly equipped to deal with it. So come prepared for the worst and you won’t be disappointed.

Think they’re the main points, but please read the full final details above.

See you next weekend!

Team Gallop.