2023 Gallop Postponed

This is what the start line looks like this morning. We are very disappointed to have to announce that the outside chance has happened and due to massive snowfall overnight, way more than anticipated, the Gallop will have to be postponed this year.

A couple of trees have come down overnight blocking local roads, the start line and most of the route is knee deep snow, Morrisons can’t deliver the bread rolls and there’s no parking available in the village as it’s all deep in snowdrifts. All this and more makes for a clear cut decision.

We are talking about what to do next, it’s likely we will defer the race until the Autumn similar to the lockdown year. We will be in touch with details when it’s been decided.

In the meantime, if anyone local can get safely to Grindleford, we’re likely to be selling cake and soup from the pavillion this afternoon…