Charity Partners

The partners listed on this page are the charities that will receive a contribution from the funds raised by the Grindleford Gallop each year.

Our leading charity recipient for the Grindleford Gallop 2017

Every year we donate some of the funds raised by the Grindleford Gallop to other worthy causes that are related to the village and the school in some way or form, hopefully sharing some of the goodwill and financial support we get from all of the entrants. Each year this is decided by the PTA. This year the PTA have decided that The Thomas Theyer Foundation will be our leading recipient.

Thomas Theyer Foundation

About the Charity

Thomas had just celebrated his 18th birthday a month before he died whilst out running in July 2013. Thomas’s main passion was running, he was a member of Buxton Running Club and he usually ran every day.
Thomas’s mum, dad and sister have set up The Thomas Theyer Foundation because they “want Thomas not to be forgotten and to do some good in his name”.

The Thomas Theyer Foundation is currently raising funds to build two lodges at the White Hall Outdoor Centre just outside Buxton. The lodges will provide young people, with different needs, to enjoy a break and participate in the great activities at the centre.

The lodges may be used by school groups or by families in need of respite breaks. The overall aim is to provide the opportunity for young people or families, who may have special requirements or difficult life circumstances, to benefit from a place to stay and enjoy outdoor activities.

Why this charity?

We feel that as a school we have some natural links to this charity:

  • It is very local. Thomas grew up in Chapel and his family still live there
  • The running connection is important. Thomas loved running and we know a lot of our children and their parents run
  • The running connection between the charity and the Grindleford Gallop is strong and we hope all participants will appreciate the connection
  • White Hall is somewhere we know well as our pupils visit and enjoy outdoor activities at this great centre

We hope you’ll agree that the Thomas Theyer Foundation will be a worthy recipient of funding from the Grindleford Gallop in 2017.

Many thanks,

Grindleford Primary School PTA & Grindleford Gallop Organising Team